Miranda Torri is back at 60PlusMILFs.com. Remember her? She's the mother who was referred to us by her daughter, Cassy, who had posed for 40SomethingMag.com. She's the one who was so surprised that anyone would want to see her naked body, no less her naked body getting fucked? She's the one who took a high, hard black one from Lucas Stone and enjoyed every inch and every drop. Well, Miranda, now 67, returned to our studio, and while she was here, she reported that: 1. She's still dating (and fucking) her much younger, very-well-hung black boyfriend. 2. She loves talking dirty, like calling her pussy her "old pussy" and saying, "I'm an old slut." She told us that when her boyfriend's fucking her, he calls her an "old whore." Now isn't that special? 3. She's still fantasizing about having her first three-way. Well, this time, she's coming close. Not three guys but two, and that ain't bad for an old broad who didn't start fucking on-camera until about a year ago. "I can't wait," Miranda said. "Are they going to cum on my face?" Betcha you can't wait to find out, either, can you? .

Jasmine Fields, a writer and sex coach from Denver, Colorado (born in Allentown, Pennsylvania) makes her worldwide on-camera fucking-and-sucking debut at 50PlusMILFs.com, and you know what we've been saying about 50 being the new 30? Jasmine is proof. When we first saw her, we figured she had to be in her early 40s, max. We even asked to see her driver's license as proof that she was in her 50s, and there it was. DOB: 03-17-1959. Which makes her 52 years old. "I get that all the time," Jasmine said. "Some people think I'm in my 30s. I definitely take it as a compliment." She should because combined with her youthful face and mint body, Jasmine has that certain something that screams, "Mature!" There's something about the way she carries herself and speaks, some sparkle in her eye, that tells you she's experienced life and knows her way around the bedroom. Which she does, as you're about to see. Jasmine's fantasies: "Having sex or masturbating with multiple men watching and being tied to a bed and licked until I cum and then fucked." Jasmine's kinkiest sexual encounter: "A threesome with two very hot 25-year-old Italian men from Rome in a very classy Beverly Hills hotel.

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As we've said before, Elle Denay, a 51-year-old restaurant manager from Austin, Texas, can come across as a bit shy and reserved. If you met Elle and didn't know any better, you'd never guess that she once had a five-way with four other men and has done things such as, for example, fuck a big, black stud on camera and get drilled in her ass for all the 50PlusMILFs.com members to see. Nor would you guess that she'd do this: her first on-camera three-way that culminates with a deep ass-dicking while she's sucking cock. And, of course, two loads of cum all over her MILF-next-door face. But that's what makes Elle-and 50PlusMILFs.com-so special. Women do things they're not expected to do, and we see things we would never expect to see. Here's the deal, though. If you and one of your friends happen to run into Elle in real life..and she's horny..and you have the courage to make the first move..things might proceed just as they do in these pictures. Hey, you never know! .

She calls herself Shelly "The Burbank Bomber," pro wrestler extraordinaire, champion of the mud pit and the of the oiled-up squared circle. She's 50 years old, hails from Burbank, California (as you might have guessed) and weighs in with G-cup tits that strain her bikini (the official uniform of mud wrestlers everywhere) to the max. Yes, Shelly is one of the most unusual MILFs we've featured on 50PlusMILFs.com, and she's also one of the horniest. Her sexual fantasy? "To do all the players on my favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings." We're pretty sure she could take them all on. Although Shelly has a very sexy occupation, this is the first time she's ever fucked on camera, and we're excited that she's doing the honors for us. She's proof that a 50-year-old woman can remain physical fit and sexy at the same time. Yeah, she's a big girl. Yeah, we'd love to take her on.

The Carolyn Khols Story continues here at 50PlusMILFs.com, and here's how it has gone so far: Chapter 1: 55-year-old flight attendant from Florida walks into our studio and decides to do some nude modeling for the first time. It's of the solo variety, and she's very nervous. Chapter 2: Having enjoyed spreading her legs for our cameras, Carolyn decides to come back and shoot her first-ever hardcore video. It's with Juan Largo, one of our regular studs. Chapter 3: Carolyn thoroughly enjoys having her hardcore cherry broken. "That was so good, I'd do it again," Carolyn tells Juan who responds, "If you don't mind, tomorrow I can come by and I can bring my friend Lucas if you want." She wants. Which brings us to Chapter 4: Carolyn, Lucas and a creampie. Yeah, a creampie. Yeah, that's advanced porno slut stuff. Get the feeling there might be a Chapter 5?

It's hard to believe that hard-bodied, big-titted MILF porn star Deauxma is now 51 years old, but it's true, and that's definitely good news because we get to see her at 50PlusMILFs.com. In this scene, Deauxma is a flight attendant who's on a layover in Miami. She's checking into her hotel room when she sees Lucas, who happened to be on her flight. Well, in these days of airlines charging us five bucks for a bag of peanuts, the kind of full service Deauxma is about to offer Lucas doesn't come along too often. Does Deauxma suck cock? Of course she does. Does she open up her pussy for a deep, hard fucking from Lucas's big, black cock? Of course she does. Does Deauxma take it up the ass? Hey, do airlines charge fees for extra baggage? A few basic facts about Deauxma. Her name is pronounced Do-may. She was born in Germany and now lives in Texas with her husband. Her measurements are 34F-25-35.

Here's the deal: We invite two beautiful, sexy MILFs to our studio. One of them is Honey Ray. She's 55, married, works as an executive secretary and has made four previous appearances at 50PlusMILFs.com. She's a favorite among members. The other is Robin Pachino. She's also 55, but she's divorced and she's a porn star. She's fucked at 40SomethingMag.com, but never at 50PlusMILFs.com. Now, in our minds, Robin and Honey Ray figure to be a very good match. They're both outgoing and sexy. They both love to fuck.

It's encore time for Elle (pronounced Ellie) Denay, a 51-year-old restaurant manager from Austin, Texas, who was one of our original MILFs here on 50PlusMILFs.com. The first time, Elle played a nurse and got fucked in her sweet ass. This time, Elle is an office worker who seduces her co-worker and takes his big, black cock deep in her pussy. How deep? Very deep. Lucas cums in her pussy, too. As you'll find out in tomorrow's video interview, Elle is very shy and reserved in her public life, but behind closed doors (or studio doors), she goes wild. She's into pole dancing. She's into men and women (and once had a six-year relationship with a woman). She enjoys fucking herself with toys and getting fucked by many men at the same time. "I once had four guys at once," she said.

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