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Lexi McCain, a 63-year-old divorcee from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (born in Richmond, Virginia), came to us through Rita Daniels, one of our most popular 60somethings. Rita and Lexi met on a swingers' site and did some swinging together with their significant others when Rita said to Lexi, "Hey, have you ever thought about modeling? I know this great company down in Miami." Lexi was definitely interested, and here she is, doing her first scene, getting face-fucked and pussy-slammed by big-dicked J-Mac. "I like bad boys and confident men who are not afraid to approach me," Lexi said. "A little dangerous, mysterious. Men who ooze confidence. Add a big, wide smile and I'm wet!" Lexi is a big pro football fan (she roots for the Miami Dolphins) and is a professional divemaster. She wears bras and panties as infrequently as possible, says she isn't into any fetishes but did tell us, "I had a sexual fantasy that recently came true: spontaneous and incredibly hot sex with someone I met while traveling on business. On a flight to the Washington, D.C. area, I sat across from a guy. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was traveling with no stuff.

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